Sunday, September 6, 2009

Moderately Uninteresting Update

I'm in Ireland.

Interesting things: wonderfully friendly people...everywhere...I'm talking smiles on the streets friendly. Already got caught in the rain. Oh well. Roommates are sweet folks, though two are from the US. Hah! Two more from Ireland and one from Japan. Went to an Anglican church service this morning—ye olde Holy Communion Rite 1—all words, no songs. But lead by two women reverends. Way to go Church of Ireland. Now I need a Book o' Common Prayer. Next up is hurling. Rough sport. Then there's the Irish language...sounds pretty sweet to me. Then you have the proxied internet connection here are UCD. Not very nice. But I think Skype will work. Oh and one other not very nice thing: big college campuses. Oh well. One high note to end on is that classes start tomorrow.

Here's the rundown on classes. Advances in Neuroscience: primary literature review in the field. Not sure what to expect. General Linguistics: “A tour of the ologies.” Meaning semantics, syntax, phonology, and morphology. Then we have Cognitive Psychology, a computer science module. This one is being taught by a particularly professional looking gent who happens to head the department. Oh well. Lastly is Neuropsychology where “the primary purpose of this course is to demonstrate how data from brain-damaged patients and from functional neuroimaging are used to test theories of normal cognition, and how cognitive theories and methods are used to understand brain-behaviour relationships.”

Oh well.


  1. My effin' god. Your classes sound way more fun than mine, which seem to be practical to the extreme. Things like Data Networks and Cisco Firewals. Or whatever.

    I take it you're doing Computational Neurology or AI? You probably told me this already. xD Linguistics is fun, if you ever took a compiler course, you'll have a blast.

    Oh, and Hurling sounds a lot like Quiditch without the brooms. I'm sure it's different, but that's the impression the wiki-page gave me.

  2. Yeah, the degree is in Cognitive Science, but takes in a lot from other fields. I'm leaning heavily in the computational side, which will be only one aspect of each class. Something like computational linguistics is something I might try to do my research project on. We'll see.

    As for Quiditch ?= Hurling, I'll run it by the locals and pass on any dirty looks.


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